Friday, November 18, 2011

Exposé 9!

really late post for this. but. i got in to Exposé 9! yey! :D around last May (2011) i got an email saying that my work 'The Lancer' will be featured in the Exposé 9 book! -and im the happiest person! i was in cloud 9 for weeks. months? hahaa
the book came out last July (2011) and i received my copy around same time. and i was in cloud 9 again! haha

so here's me humbly sharing it..

EXPOSÉ 9: Finest Digital Art in the Known Universe by Ballistic Publishing :)
this is the image that got published in it
da post: 'The Lancer'
'it's such a great honor to be a part of this amazing book.' it's one of the things that keep the fire burning inside me right now -in creating more works. my image is pretty small for this big book even. but it means a lot to me. and it's making my smile last for the whole yearsss :)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

the batbird

or birdbat haha -some months old. i made this originally for cghub cpa 31: the tuk-tuk challenge. then i lost track. i continued in my own time anywee. i picked the first one of three different designs. nothing much. but i like how it turned out. and i learned a lot here :)

. . .


chartacter sketches

some character concept sketches + studies i had lying around. some old. some not so much. i already posted these to other sites thou, but heck. just thought i'd post them here too :)

 elf dude jumping. not really sure. just some pale skin practice
pinoy zombie. utaaak = braaain heehee
quick sketch warrior steampunk-ish dude
was for cghub cfc: megaman redesign challenge. it's dark-age protoman

was for the pre-dwv challenge. the technomage
was for the pre-dwv challenge. the shadow
warrior chick :)
victorian oracle. was originally for cghub cfc: the oracle ambrosia challenge

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

first -err second post. yey!

yo! so. i created this blog months ago.. or maybe a year ago? hahaa yes, i made an account and didn't put anything in it. and it since been collecting dust :D -it's just that i got stuck to a lot of happy things haha, plus school went back in the scene.. but now i'm here. and i hope this will work. i'll be updating and posting my stuffs from time to time. yey!

i'll start it off with some works i did from yeeears back up to now (roughly from around 2002-2011) warning: looong list of images. also i apologize for the badly scanned/photographed ones :)

-yeah that sums it up for now. just some trad and digital work dumps. i do hope u like it :)