Sunday, August 4, 2013

mang gustin

character practice. wanted to do something asian/pinoy again ;]

head seller dude

 started as a decent knight. practice practice-

sh!t-chhiking condor

weeks ago with the hype for the live action film. we decided to do a gatchaman jam for the 'majtra art collective'. this is my joe/condor fanart hitchhiking

heres some concepts i made just before settling with the final above. i chose that cus i heart stories ;]

sumfin movin

owhkay. it's been many moons after i decided to revamped this blog. so i really really need to put it into action. for starters i need somethin moving here-

like a jumping rat. a quick test i did awhile ago to get around flash again. haven't used it since six years ago lol

and heres a workflow and style test i made recently in tvp :]

at the hidden entrance

right. this one's done finally. i actually posted the sketch here awhile back; i made it just after experiencing some brief real-world disaster. you know those times that make you appreciate the beauty of even the tinniest of things around :]


fanart portrait of merida from pixar/disney's 'brave'

Friday, March 1, 2013

some refined sketches-

big red
fan art again. cus hb's one of the best things in this whole lump of dirt imo. thanks m. mignola! hehe

ka predo's morning bath
-just an old sketch revisited :]