Saturday, December 31, 2011

sketches, animations and dot dot dot

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there is just not much progress. i guess that's why i've been neglecting any real update in this blog. but it's not all that bad. so here i am posting this haha. i've been saying that 'i'm inspired' these days, and i really am. thou it doesn't show. and i've just been going with how things are flowing. thou they're not all that good lol.

it's just that my creative juices just seems to get clogged just when it's about to reach orgasm. pardon the lame pun XD. it's not even mood swings or anything. i think one real problem is that i just can't find a suitable or any interesting 'sparks' out of a subject. dot dot dot
and even if i did, or even if someone helped and gave me something to work with, i become unenthusiastic to it in the midst.. ayaw na pangutana! di ko din alam hahaa -and the work ends up looking repulsive and then a change of heart sinks in the process, leaving something hanging about it.. it was somehow tormenting at some point. but. i do believe i just stepped on a small inevitable phase. and i think it's passing now. yey!

one big reason for that, would be this personal project that i've been working on for some time now. a big part of me is so into doing animations. aside from paintings and concept arts. it's what i've been dreaming of since birth haha. thou this isn't really that big. it's just a really short 2d animation; about a girl named 'maya'. i'll try to post something about it next time. but here's a tease. it's one of the color tests i did of her
it's actually an old plan that i just revamped. i'm also doing this just to practice the small stuffs i learned for compositing and in applying simple sfx's -just like what i did to an old video that i seldom show to people. it's a walkcycle exercise of my characters; 'doti' and 'dotdot'
-that reminds me, the bg in the vid was actually made for maya. maybe i could still use it now. but that just proves how old that plan was hahaa

and i think that's why my mind flies off, more often than not. even when i'm already doing something, i could say, as equally important ohohoo. and so i guess i'd consider these as 'a really nice progress'. like i said, it's not all that bad. add to those is a logo and a poster i designed for our class' art exhibit, which took place like three weeks ago. hehe. this was quite refreshing since i haven't done any vector stuffs in awhile;

but that's not just it. another one big fat juicy cool distraction for me now is -another 2d animation project that my friend, Alben Tan and I just put up a blog with, we called it 'Bakinocaua' under our very own 'Studio Natu' weeh! -this one's a bit more serious thou and it really needed much research. doing this big things are the reasons why i've been practicing with video editing, like on 'maya'. here's a link to the blog: studio natu check it out! :D
by Studio Natu :)

ohoo now i realize it's just hours before the new year starts. 2012! yey! i'm really looking forward to it! -and that's all there is. for now. thanks and may i bid you all in advance - a happy new year! :)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

warm-ups and x-mas!

first of all. i want to greet everyone a Merry Christmas! :)
-cuz it's been a really loaded week. and all the while i've been waiting for the holidays to come. i have been itching to finish some digital illustrations i started ages ago -that i almost didn't notice how close it was to Christmas time! wew :D
for now. here are some sketches and warm-ups i did a couple of mornings before

when the sun sets the water on fire

girl-in-river/swamp studies

swamp chick wip

hope you like it! :D