Friday, March 1, 2013

some refined sketches-

big red
fan art again. cus hb's one of the best things in this whole lump of dirt imo. thanks m. mignola! hehe

ka predo's morning bath
-just an old sketch revisited :]

moth soli and her burning moon -design

character research. concept.
also did this awhile back last year -it's just one of some random personal sketches i managed a quick fleshed out from a random short story i made up on a whim one random afternoon haha [more write-ups about this on my da]


actually started this months ago. last yr. for a collab with a friend. and my task was to make a fire breathing dragon- head. then the body; down from neck looks pretty vague. this what happens when im all energy and no research done or anything. got too excited haha -haven't seen the whole piece yet tho

first sketch

and so i did some quick studies. real fun! also made these for ngni :]