Friday, December 21, 2012

an unexpected journey- thoughts out loud

so i've avoided every full reviews and spoilers out here. and finally i got to watch the film. but we've all seen promotional posters and pictures long before. and hmmm yeah 'we' still think kili lacks the dwarfishness feel that the rest have; guess he is the pretty-face-legolas with thorin [apart from bard] as the aragorn in this fellowship of dwarves. one could reminisce with them moments as when aragorn summons legolas to 'take down the troooll!' or that sort. in the films that is-
and aww no talking lord of the eagles/gwaihir or whatever haha. except for the loud chirps and screeches. not a single word is uttered by the great eagles. or even just thaat quick specified connection with gandalf or to thorin and the gang. i kind of waited for it. but somehow that was already expected as well and i think, is rather practical.
the famous 'riddles in the dark' part is really well played out. gollum was never as adorably disorienting as before haha
and i really enjoyed all the chasing and running scenes. seeing it all just like how it was written; lotsa running-

i do support the added drama and tension annd the characters that are not originally part, or as prominent in the book. i mean that pale orc azog's simple but delicious design got me all giggling. the interesting introduction of the morgul blade made me maniacally whisper its name again; 'mooorgul blaade' lol.
and radagast ofcourse is simply the best bits of fun in it. despite what others think. he's just as great and serious as he is cool in his own odd ways imo. and i never thought he'd be that awesome in action-
i was caught off-guard when the screen suddenly cut to the credits. it felt so short even. no doubt it's an amazing movie. and once is not enough.
so now i must watch it again :]

Monday, October 15, 2012

art gif-ing ;p

so i finally decided to actually do what i've been bumming to do since /o/. luckily it tagged along my animated mood now. wut? whatevs. anywee heres a couple of process es of some recent works :]

here are the final stills [or in my da. or tumblr. wherever ur comfortable]
i made these both for ngni. a collab art blog with some friends-

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

hanino : poster design

twas my entry for the 'omnibus theme design contest' for graphicon2012 -a local graphic design and multimedia convention here in davao city. coming this november. lol i lost. what i ended up with is not even a 'theme' but some poster haha. but i like the concept and the story behind this. so im saving it cause i might use it for something else later. it will be about 'this guy' and his shadow 'hanino' :)
-where in the image depicts them running, well, jumping late for an event(?) haha

i aimed around that animated and graphicnovel ish look. something different. also the bg was inspired by this old busy night-street i always pass by
as usual some research thumbs. then the final plus with the text and some variants-

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

some knight

yo. yeah just a knight character. i actually did this while kinda roughly following a challenge brief over at cghub. knew i wouldn't have the time to join the whole thing. it looks fun anywee. so i did some sketches. and later decided to flesh one out a bit -still not finish though. see? haha

Friday, July 6, 2012

quick for the night

scythe maiden sketch before bed. lets see how this looks in the morning. and.. zzzzz

Thursday, May 3, 2012


 i had a mouthful of words in my last few posts. so now, i'll just go;
 petal faerie thing wip :)

back to scratch

so much for all the 'work in progress' when i junked a mountain of files after my disk miserably crashed over a month ago. some still lives, most dumped. but im still here. drawing.
and here's some speedies i did before i lost my tablet's pen which i've searched for the last three weeks. pffffckt. what's wrong with me? haha

personal piece. after everything.
dreamscape. i love water themes
some space hq's