Wednesday, September 12, 2012

hanino : poster design

twas my entry for the 'omnibus theme design contest' for graphicon2012 -a local graphic design and multimedia convention here in davao city. coming this november. lol i lost. what i ended up with is not even a 'theme' but some poster haha. but i like the concept and the story behind this. so im saving it cause i might use it for something else later. it will be about 'this guy' and his shadow 'hanino' :)
-where in the image depicts them running, well, jumping late for an event(?) haha

i aimed around that animated and graphicnovel ish look. something different. also the bg was inspired by this old busy night-street i always pass by
as usual some research thumbs. then the final plus with the text and some variants-

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

some knight

yo. yeah just a knight character. i actually did this while kinda roughly following a challenge brief over at cghub. knew i wouldn't have the time to join the whole thing. it looks fun anywee. so i did some sketches. and later decided to flesh one out a bit -still not finish though. see? haha